Welcome to African American Graphic Designers

Glad to have you here in our carefully curated group of AA/Blk Designers.

African American Graphic Designers

What’s here that you won’t catch other places.

  • Access to recorded talks
  • Access to training and courses
  • Membership Awards
  • Membership Badges
  • Accountability partners (personally curated)
  • One on one critique in professional language
  • The ability to be listed on the aagd website
  • Chance to win design chat money pool
  • Access to paid project postings (internal + external)
  • Access to AAGD Libraries and Resources
  • Access to AAGD recorded seminars with Companies that make products for designers.
  • Access to people who really want to collaborate
  • Groups and Sub-Groups for different levels
  • The ability to connect via profession 
  • The ability to find AA/Blk Designers near you

We have real goals we would like to accomplish.

While we are happy to have you join and find kindred, soulful spirits, we would also like to find real ways to spotlight, connect and encourage AA/Blk Graphic Designers and visual communicators within the AA/Blk Creative Community.

We cannot achieve those goals without your help.

Your opinion, critique, and feedback are always welcome. If you ever feel like we’re not providing enough ways for you to be heard, please, let us know.

Who we strive to reach.

While we will have tiered memberships for the people who want to advance their career and spaces for lurkers to learn to increase their level of engagement, if desired; our utmost desire is to maintain a safe-space to celebrate our creative community together and to make connections, projects, and movements that awaken our world.


Header image by the talented Kyra O'Kelley
body illustration by the amazing Chuck Scott

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